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About Us

Flint Farm Honey is owned by Jason and Songshan Flint. We are a small family farm, and Jason is a 4th generation farmer. Our little honey bee operation was born almost a decade ago because we were going through over 1kg of honey every week, so we thought why not get some bees of our own! Many people have helped and encouraged us along the way and our hobby has become a thriving small business.

About Our Bees & Natural honey:
Our hives are located a half hour drive southwest of Lloydminster, in Paradise Valley area. They are surrounded by a wide variety of wildflowers, including lots of alfalfa and clover, which makes mild, flavourful honey. Our honey is always pure, raw, natural and unpasteurized to preserve its health benefits and that fresh from the comb taste.

About Our Wildflower honey:
Our wildflower honey is strictly from wild flowers growing in native pastures on the river hills. It has a more robust flavour, and is darker in colour. This product is organic. 

About Our Flavoured Honey:
After many requests we introduced our first flavoured honey-Cinnamon and the response has been amazing. Many varieties have been added since then, and we are continually working on more flavours. All of our flavoured honey's are made with pure, quality ingredients.

About Our Beeswax Hand and Body All-in-one Salve and Lip Balm:
We get a lot of compliments on our hand salve and lip balm. Our salve and lip balms contain no chemicals or fillers, and all the ingredients are edible. The lip balm last twice as long and the salve works miracles on dry skin and eczema. 

This adventure is often challenging but we are enjoying every aspect of it. From taking care of the bees and collecting honey in the summer, to bottling and selling our honey at local farmers markets year round, we are always learning and growing.

Products Include:
Raw, unpasteurized liquid honey
Raw, unpasteurized naturally creamed honey (always soft)
Raw, unpasteurized wildflower honey
Flavoured Honey
Bee pollen & propolis
Bee's wax & candles, wraps
Bee's wax lip balm, hand & body lotion
(Please see "Products" for a complete list of products)